Houston, Texas – Robert’s Markland LLP is thrilled to announce to all residents in Texas that they will be providing legal representation to offshore/maritime workers and/or their families. Among services to be offered includes legal representation in severe injury or wrongful demise claims subsequent from accidents that occur at sea, inland waters, or even coastal areas.

Maritime workers who incur offshore injuries instigated by hazardous circumstances on offshore platforms, jack-up rigs, crew boats, spars, lay barges, tankers or other kinds of vessels will also be represented.

Roberts Markland LLP has won many verdicts and settlements for injured maritime workers in many states all over the United States. The firm has a team of experienced and proficient injury lawyers who have know-how dealing with shipping companies, insurance providers, and oil and gas enterprises. Our specialties include various offshore and maritime legal representation cases.

Roberts Markland LLP has so far gained a reputation as one of the best law firms in offshore/maritime injury cases and helped many maritime employees and families get compensation in tune of millions of dollars. They are known for their bellicose approach which has seen them secure payments for their clients without having to go on trial. In cases where a trial is inevitable, their team of lawyers fights tooth and nail to ensure that every client gets the best possible outcome from their case.

The firm is dedicated to serving injured offshore and maritime legal representation employees, officers, crew members, maritime workers, stevedores, and families as well, ensuring every one of their clients gets the maximum reimbursement warranted. The firm’s team of attorneys have a wealth of knowledge in admiralty law and by combining this with the exclusive dedication to client needs has always led to winning outcomes. They work diligently concocting cases for hearing, including steering far-reaching investigations and consulting with quality marine industry and medical specialists.

“We’re all comfortable in the courtroom. We’re tailor made for it. We practice ethically, aggressively, and with passion.” Robert Canta, Associate at Roberts Markland LLP boldly states.

The firm handles all kinds of claims stemming from different situations from aviation accidents to commercial law, and now offshore and maritime legal representation injury cases. The firm’s track record shows that when justice is needed, the qualified team of lawyers stop at nothing to ensure the needs of their clients are taken care of.

Roberts Markland LLP now has its services available to all marine employees in the state of Texas. If you or your family member have incurred a serious injury or even death following an offshore accident, associates at Robert Markland LLP strongly advise that you contact them immediately. The firm provides comprehensive legal advice from a team of capable injury lawyers at an affordable cost and free case evaluation at the touch of a button.

For more information and one on one sessions, clients are advised to visit our offices in the firm’s offices in Houston at 2555 N Macgregor Way, Houston Texas.