Houston, Texas – Robert’s Markland LLP is excited to announce that they will be offering personal injury legal representation to all individuals in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. They are urging all persons and organizations who need legal representation for personal injury lawsuits to contact them at their offices on Macgregor way, Houston.

Robert’s Markland LLP are trial lawyers who handle criminal and civil legal cases across the country. Since inception, the firm has opened its doors to all in need and they have proved an enigmatic ability to manage high-stakes cases with proficiency and quality dedication. Their reputation precedes them and have to date not shied away from facing challenging personal injury law suits, while achieving remarkable results each time. They are committed to fighting for you and ensuring you get the best possible outcome from your situation.

If you’re from Texas and have suffered harm from an accident or injury that another person is legally responsible for, then Robert Markland LLP advises that you get in touch with them immediately.

They will give legal advice on how to proceed and represent clients in a court of law or handle a settlement deals.

So far they have tried cases to judgment in more than ten diverse states and successfully controlled cases for clienteles from over 40 various states. Their reputation has seen them try cases for hundreds of lawyers who acknowledge and need the firm’s reputation and effective litigation methods to help win difficult cases. Their presence in any court room is formidable and they are a force to reckon with among peers in the Legal business.

The firm’s associates are highly trained, have garnered a lot of experience, and are licensed to practice in Texas. One of the associates Robert Cantu is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin. He received his law degree at Thurgood Marshall Law school. He has a wealth of experience practicing criminal and civil defense cases for corporations and individuals. He is also experienced in personal injury trials and medical misconduct matters.

Anjali Sharma the other associate at Robert’s Markland LLP is a graduate of Houston University and Thurgood Marshall Law school. While attending Law School she worked as a clerk for Judge Marie Jackson and later interned at the Markland Law firm before getting an offer as associate after successfully passing the Texas Bar Exam.

When cases are taken to Roberts Markland LLP, the legal team not just assures professionalism but also guarantees personalized attention to all clientele seeking legal counsel.

Roberts Markland LLP has a reputation of creating rapport with juries and guaranteeing a favorable outcome for their clients.

For all your personal injury legal matters call Roberts Markland LLP on 713-603-0900 and get the best legal representation you could ever ask for. More information on the firm and services offered is also available on our services section.