Houston, Texas – Robert’s Markland LLP has established itself as the best legal services provider in product liability legal representation lawsuits within Texas. Sean Roberts and his partners continuously seek out to ensure that you receive the best representation possible.

They have since inception, through their team of lawyers handled product liability lawsuits in more than 40 states country wide and their presence in Texas, Houston promises to grow the number of successfully solved cases significantly.

Roberts Markland LLP extends its services to all individuals who have attained an injury resulting from the use of a dangerous product. They also handle class action lawsuits in situations where multiple customers have experienced injury from use of the product in question. Some of the product liability cases Roberts Markland LLP oversees include defective tires on vehicles which may have led to a client/clients getting involved in car accidents, defective airbags on vehicles that may have failed to deflate on impact during a car accident, dangerous toys and baby furniture that may have caused harm to a child/children, faulty medical equipment among other product liability cases.

Product liability cases being handled at the firm broadly fall several categories. In the case of manufacturing defects, the plaintiff would have experienced injury as a result of using a product whose construction process had an error, therefore, malfunctioning during its use. Examples of manufacturing flaws include broken handles on baby car seats which lead to breakage, defective care tires, or malfunctioning car locks that could lead to theft of a motor vehicle. This is one of the reasons why here, at Roberts Markland, LLP are become one of the leaders in product liability legal representation services in Texas and surrounding regions.

Roberts Markland law firm also takes up claims in products liability suits of products defective in marketing. This occurs when product manufacturers fail to alert possible public consumers of any dangers that could be associated with the use of their products. For example when a company fails to advise patients on drug interactions or side effects that could be potentially harmful to a patient. All individuals who have grounds to sue a manufacturing company for failure to provide adequate information on possible risks associated with the use of their product should contact the legal team at Roberts Markland Law firm as soon as possible so as to get the best representation on the matter.

Roberts Markland LLP has a competent group of Texas injury attorneys with a wealth of experience in handling product liability lawsuits. All individuals who believe that they have incurred injuries as a result of product liability issues are strongly encourage to contact Roberts Markland LLP through their webpage ‘contact us’.

The firm’s injury attorneys are licensed to represent clients throughout Texas including Houston, Katy, Sugar land, Clear Lake, Galveston, Pasadena, Bay town, Conroe, the Woodlands, and Brenham. They are proficient in handling all kinds of personal injury claims that include vehicle accidents, maritime injuries, product liability legal representation, workplace injuries, medical malpractice and so much more.