Protecting the Injured in Texas & Nationwide

Houston Personal Injury Lawyers
Protecting the Injured in Texas & Nationwide
If you have been injured or wronged by another person or organization, it is highly encouraged that you consult with Roberts Markland LLP as soon as possible. Since we have opened our doors, we have demonstrated an uncanny ability to handle high-stakes situations with professional and high-quality dedication. We do not shy away from daunting circumstances and do not accept mediocre results. If we fight for you, we are fighting for the best possible outcome.

At our firm, we are proud to help the injured throughout the United States; in fact, we have already tried cases to verdict in more than 10 different states and have successfully handled cases for clients from 40 different states. Hundreds of lawyers have hired us to try their cases because of our reputation for effective litigation. When we enter the courtroom, your opponents will know that you are backed by a firm with formidable skill and resources.

Wide Variety of Cases with One Thing in Common

At our firm, we handle claims for a wide variety of situations. There may not seem to be much common ground between aviation accidents, pharmaceutical injuries, or commercial litigation, but our firm sees one important common element: a person’s need for justice. And when a person needs justice, they will need a plaintiff’s attorney.

We’re all comfortable in the courtroom. We’re tailor made for it.
We practice ethically, aggressively, and with passion
We do not treat you like another number, we truly care about you and your case.
We are focused, determined and motivated to get you what you deserve!

The types of claims and cases our firm handles include:

Personal Injury
Drug & Medical Device Injuries
Product Libility
Railroad Accidents
Aviation Accidents
Insurance Claims
Industrial Injury
Truck Accidents
Property Contamination
Federal Cases